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Pos Demo


Quick and Accurate Sales

It all comes down to sales. If you aren’t making sales you aren’t going to stay in business. Sales are the core of your business and how you handle this process is essential to your success. Our POS Software makes sure that everything runs smoothly on every transaction.


Inventory Control

If sales are number one, good inventory control is a close second. Our POS Software will keep an accurate count of every product in your store. It allows you to see what items are selling, what’s sitting on the shelf, and what you need to order.


Save Time!

There’s one thing that we could all use a little more of: Time! Possibly the thing you’ll love the most about a point of sale system is the time it will save you. With integrated barcode readers, label printers, receipt printers you’ll cut your manual labor dramatically.

Make Smart Decisions

If you’re not making day to day business decisions based on facts and data you are gambling with your money and time! To make the right decisions you need reliable data. Once you have done the work to setup a point of sale system and get all your inventory in you can start to reap the rewards. Your system should provide reports on sales and inventory that will help you make purchasing decisions.


Know Your Customers

Sales and inventory might be one and two, but everyone knows the customer is always right. Without real people coming in you won’t have sales and there will be no need to stock any inventory. A point of sale system should give you the ability to track all of your customers so you can see which customers are big spenders, who is waiting for a special order, and who has a layaway on that product tucked away in the back room.


Bonus: Vendor Integration

New point of sale systems offer integration with your vendors/suppliers. This can save you time when you create purchase orders by: checking in-stock status for items on your order, automatically submitting the order to your vendor, downloading your invoices to help check in your order when it arrives.